You may or may not remember this bit of my personal travel “water Pail” list or crazy idea bourne back in late 60’s or early 70’s. Would you believe that I might have the same opportunity this month? I will be in Athens, and headed to Belgrade, Serbia, assuming the war does not get worse. Should I be unable or unwilling to travel to Belgrade, what are my options? I can think of several: a return to Istanbul, a short flight to Crete, or a few days in Zagreb, Croatia, since I am headed to Split for my cycling cruise. However, I may not use the random method of finding a destination, as I did back in October. In fact, a return to Mallorca would not be a bad idea! Since I only have two nights, my options might be limited. I may also consider Sofia, Bulgaria, Bratislava, Slovakia, or maybe a return to Bucharest, Romania, though my buddy, Dirty Pat will not be there. But it is nice to have options. Who knows, I might surprise both you and ME!!! From Oct0ber 12, 2021 I had no idea how I would fill the middle part of my trip. I started,  as you know, in Frankfurt. Though mostly a large, cold metropolis, it seems to be developing a heart. I even found a Chinese hot pot restaurant near my hotel.

One of my primary reasons for visiting is to make a return visit to the little town of Rudesheim, on the Rhine. I last visited in 1971, on my very first trip to Europe. I fell in love with the little town, and you will see why. It also sits near the Rhine wine region that I am also visiting. I finally did something I have been talking about for decades. I randomly selected a spot on the departure board at the Athens airport. I decided, just by chance, the third row of flights, fourth flight from the bottom. It would have to be somewhere I have never visited, and a place where, even in the pandemic, I am allowed to enter safely. The place is Mallorca, one of the largest of the Balearic island off of Spain. Mallorca, or Majorca, is just off the coast of Spain, and sits in the Mediterranean Sea. The capital is Palma where I am based. Fortuitously, I wanted to stay south, but did not want to visit Covid infested areas, like Italy, mainland Spain, and parts of Portugal. The weather down this way is just FANtastic! Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera have been getting the bulk of publicity from the hearty party bunch, mostly millennials. I think Mallorca fits my interests just fine. I don’t need late night drunken parties in pools and hot tubs with young naked hotties. Or do I??

Just think, I could have ended up in Scandinavia, eastern Europe, even North Africa!! If I had reversed my choice, fourth row, third from bottom, I would have been in Kyev, Ukraine!!!

So, a lifelong dream comes true. My old girlfriend back in the 70s fostered this idea. Just show up at the airport and pick a place at random. So, after I return to Frankfurt, after my 6 days here in Athens, I head to Mallorca!!! Frankfurt is cold, dreary and rainy right now.
After a few days back in Germany, I fly out to beautiful, warm, sunny Mallorca. In the meantime, a little wine tasting on the Rhine is on tap. Perhaps some sauerbraten too.

See you in my dreams!!!! Note: I was unable to find good sauerbraten in Frankfurt. But I did find good beer, french fries, pork knuckle, and struedel. I will have another afternoon and evening in Frankfurt to try to find the elusive sauerbraten.

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