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Curious Traveler started with the simple idea of helping travelers connect with each other in a friendly and safe environment to allow them greater freedom to explore our wonderful world in ways they otherwise could not, or would not, do.

Curious Traveler endeavors to allow travelers and adventurers find others who are planning to go to the same destinations at the same time and plan trips together in a group.

By expanding your travel possibilities to include groups from around the world you can achieve so much more than on your own. You can lower your travel costs by traveling with a group, you can learn about new places to go and to see, you can benefit from the safety of travel with others, and so many more exciting benefits. And let’s be honest, it is sometimes hard to wrangle together a group of friends to jet off to some foreign locale. Do not get stuck sitting at home because your friends and family are happy with the same vacation they have done every year since you were young.

You can either plan a trip or join one. Trips are private to those who create or join the trip and all information about the trip, whether the meet up point, the people involved, etc. Participating in group trips allows Travelers to meet people in a controlled manner, with the comfort of verifying these people with ID vetting through Stripe.

If there is anything we can do to help you better, please do not hesitate to email us anytime at [email protected].

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